Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Central Pennsylvania Section's Professional Development Workshop

Russel Vela from Central Pennsylvania Section invites you to the “2nd Annual Professional Development Workshop”. This year’s workshop will focus on both the generation of High Power Microwaves and their applications.

The 2nd Annual Professional Development Workshop, to be held on April 16th, is designed to promote the understanding and application of specific areas of interest to the academic, government and industrial communities of Central Pennsylvania. This second workshop is an all day event, and will focus on the understanding and application of high power microwaves (HPMs) and the application of HPMs to material processing. Two, two hour seminars will be given by professionals with years of experience in these ares. The "High Power Microwave Generation - Issues and Challenges" seminar will be presented by Dr. Andreas A. Neuber of Texas Tech University and the "Microwave Materials Processing: An Overview" seminar will be presented by Dr. Dinesh K. Agrawal of the Pennsylvania State University.

Please register at http://meetings.vtools.ieee.org/meeting_view/list_meeting/6087
More information can also be found on the main page of the Central PA website (http://www.ieee.org/go/centralpa). While there is a registration fee associated with this event, it includes the cost of both two hour seminars, lunch, and handouts provided during the event. It should be noted that the obtainment of continuing education units (CEUs), or professional development hours (PDHs), is possible for this workshop, see website for details.

We would also appreciate your help in spreading word about this event.   A flyer is available at

The point of contact is
Jeremy Bossard

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