Monday, January 16, 2012

Region 2 Summary of PACE Projects for 2011

Eighteen of the twenty sections in Region 2 held and reported PACE activities in 2011 resulting in 90% participation against the aggressive objective of 100%. Financially, Region 2 exceeded the goal of utilizing 100% of the funding from IEEE-USA (with 8.5% additional allocation).

In total, there were 31 projects across the region. Of these, twelve were focused on helping our higher grade members and eight on student members. Seven projects addressed pre-college activities and four were about legislative and policy matters.

Four sections (Baltimore, Columbus, Northern Virginia and Philadelphia) accounted for more than half of the reported projects. All these sections reported three or more projects with Northern Virginia taking the lead at six. Susquehanna and Youngstown sections did not report any PACE projects.

In 2011, we have also established improved communications with section PACE Chairs by implementing channels that include LISTSERV, Facebook group, a Blog, a LinkedIn group and a Twitter feed.

Our objectives for 2012 are:

1. 100% participation of Sections

2. More efficient disbursement of funds to Sections

3. 10% growth in the number of projects

Start sending the 2012 project requests!  Southern New Jersey Section is the first one out of the starting gate.  First Come First Served...