Friday, August 5, 2011

More IEEE-USA Webinars

You can register for these webinars at  You will also find there archived webinars that have been presented previously.

Find the Job you want in this Turbulent Economy                
12 Aug 2011 2-3 PM ET             John Hoschette
Every engineer needs strong career-planning strategies in order to survive and get ahead in corporate America. This workshop (webinar) is packed with real-world tips supported by actual work experiences and examples. Step-by-step guidance in handling a multitude of career issues is presented and includes course workbook pages to develop a resume, cover letter, a 30-second "commercial" and much more.

Risk Management Series: Application of Risk Management During Project Definition       
17 Aug 2011 12-1 PM ET             Paul Kostek
Starting a new project? This Webinar will address the steps to applying risk management during the project definition steps, i.e. user needs and systems requirements. Whether you work in a regulated industry – medical or aviation – or another industry this Webinar will show how applying risk management can improve project performance by identifying technical and design issues early in the project.

Business Organizations for Engineers                
25 Aug 2011 2-3 PM ET             David Ostfeld
Entrepreneurs are confronted with many issues when they're first starting out. Not only are they working to prefect their product and bring it to market, but entrepreneurs are also faced with deciding what the best business structure is for the companies they're trying to create. This IEEE-USA webinar will explore the different types of organizational structures entrepreneurs can use in starting their businesses. The webinar will examine the pros and cons of these different structures ranging from a "Sole Proprietorship" to a "Limited Liability Company (LLC)" to a "Corporation." Attending this webinar will provide entrepreneurs with valuable information that will give them a leg up on starting their business.

IEEE Job Site Career Webinar: Vestas Graduate Programme                
14 Sep 2011 10 AM EST (17:00 CET)             Vestas
Vestas Systems A/S -- the No. 1 global manufacturer, seller, installer and servicer of wind turbines -- will discuss how recent graduates, students, grad students, and young professionals with one to two years work experience -- all of whom hold a 3.5 GPA and has a Master's Degree or are/will be studying to obtain one -- can join the Vestas Graduate Programme.

Risk Management Series: Risk Management Standards and Decision-making               
 21 Sep 2011 2-3 PM ET             Ed Perkins
This webinar will discuss risk management, provide an overview of some of the risk domains and the risk standards that have been or are being developed, and present options for attendees on how they can apply risk management and risk-based decision-making in their careers.

A Voyage into Entrepreneurship and to the International Space Station               
 28 Sep 2011 2-3 PM ET             Dr. Gregory H. Olsen
Dr. Gregory H. Olsen will conduct this webinar about his experiences as an entrepreneur and scientist, and how the two interests have intersected to enrich his life. Most remember Dr. Olsen when, in October 2005, he became the third private citizen to make a self-funded trip into space. Dr. Olsen has also distinguished himself by co-founding companies, and is currently presiding as President of GHO Ventures, LLC, where he manages his angel investments. Please join us for this most interesting discussion where you will learn some of the dos and don'ts of entrepreneurship and hear how Dr. Olsen's accomplishments led him into space.

Risk Management Series: Enterprise Risk Management and Information System Security                
19 Oct 2011 12-1 PM ET             Peter Malpass, FAA
This webinar discusses enterprise risk management and its dovetail with other risk management approaches, particularly information system security (ISS). It provides an overview of how risk management works and some business / public service value and specific-discipline models to ensure coverage of risk domains. It introduces how enterprise and ISS risk management can interleave to the benefit of both. The webinar also provides ideas on how to sell and implement risk management at work.

Risk Management Series: Lean/Six Sigma and Risk Reduction                
16 Nov 2011 2-3 PM ET             Adina Suciu, Adav LLC
This webinar will discuss the Lean Six Sigma methodologies and their synergy with Risk Management. It covers the fundamental areas of the Lean Six Sigma, addressing both the concepts and approaches and how they apply to Risk Management. The course provides an opportunity for participants to fine tune their understanding and application skills through a structured review of the key topics, class discussions, exercises, and practice questions.

Risk Management Series: Risk-based Metrics for Software System Design, Development and Test               
14 Dec 2011 12-1 PM ET             Jeffrey Voas, NIST
This webinar will introduce a variety of factors that if left unaddressed increase the risk of undesirable system behavior, including reliability, security, privacy, performance, fault tolerance, resilience, availability, sustainability and maintainability. In the context of these desirable attributes, we will also discuss how vulnerabilities, threats, weakness, defects, and exploits greatly reduce the ability to ensure acceptable system behavior. We will do so by examining the financial and technical trade-offs of these factors that must be considered in order to move from unacceptable risk to tolerable risk.